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Tree Trimming

When trees overgrow they can be a hazard to surrounding structures. Most of our tree trimming services happen when a tree is dangerously close to utility lines like phone lines and power lines. It is the property owner’s responsibility to keep the tree at an acceptable distance away from these utility lines. California State Law requires a distance of 5 feet between a tree and the nearest utility line. Tree trimming is also important when branches become too heavy for main limbs to support and can present a falling hazard. By trimming of smaller branches and reducing their load, we can avoid taking down the main limbs of a tree. Maintaining trees is also important for residential and commercial properties. Sometimes trees become unsightly when they grow out of control and a trimming is in order. SLO Tree Service offers great advice and an expert eye for tree trimming projects.

Tree Cutting

Cutting down a tree is a tricky process and it depends largely on how much cutting needs to be done and where the cuts are. We always consider the space when felling a tree to avoid damage to peoples property. Sometimes, you only need to cut a portion of a tree and this may be an easy process. If you are at the point where you want to cut the entire tree down to redo your landscaping , that is possible. Sometimes redoing and refreshing landscaping can bring a breath of fresh air to your home. Our tree cutting team at SLO Tree Service offers the best tree cutting service in the area.

Stump Grinding And Removal

Having a stump in your yard can be unsightly but the aesthetic issue is just the start. If a stump isn’t removed once a tree is cut a new tree may grow back. The remaining roots can also leech the nutrients of surrounding plant life. If left unwatched, you may have to cut another tree down. Tree stumps can also be a tripping hazard for children and become difficult to work around as you do your lawn care. Insects are also drawn to tree stumps as they provide a breeding ground and protection. Carefully consider if you want a stump removed and if you do, SLO Tree service can help.

​Emergency Tree Service

When you run into a situation where you need to get a tree removed or trimmed right away we can help. Emergencies can pop up and although we don’t get many storms in San Luis Obispo, earthquakes and fire can make trees hazards. Contact our team at SLO Tree Service if you need an emergency service.

Tree Removal

Tree removal can be a delicate and dangerous process depending on the area the tree is in. The tree may be next to utility lines and may cause damage to infrastructure. Falling tree limbs are hazardous when you have heavy branches over your home or even your neighbor’s home. Precise removal of each part of the tree will help ensure that no damage is caused to your home or the surrounding areas. A tree can also slowly overtake parts of your home as they grow and if the tree causes constant moisture and shade around this area it can cause mold growth in the siding of your home. Roots can also damage irrigation and plumbing lines if they are too close. Damaged or dead trees can be an eye sore and are a risk of falling on someone’s property. SLO Tree Service offers a trained staff with many years of experience across different issues that tree removal brings.

Tree Pruning

Trees that have dead or diseased branches can prevent proper healthy growth for the tree. Pruning these trees in the right places can revitalize the branches and promote growth that can allow the tree to flourish. Pruning needs to be done by a professional to avoid too much cutting and the removal of healthy branches. Trained arborists can look at trees to find sections that may have disease or pests that need to be taken off. Proper pruning can also allow good air flow and sunlight to inner portions of a tree to help inner sections continue growing. Having the proper timing for pruning is essential depending on what you want the tree to do. During the summer the tree can provide shade that will cool your home and help save on the electric bill. Our staff at SLO Tree Service can help you weigh out your options.

​Palm Tree Trimming

Palm trees need to be maintained to keep their look. We offer palm tree trimming services to keep your palm trees looking nice and healthy. Overgrown palm trees can lose their fronds which become a falling hazard. If you’re on a busy street or people park underneath your palm tree it is important to trim your palm trees often. You also need to consider that the husk around palm trees should be removed. These husks are homes for pests like mice, rats, and squirrels. SLO Tree Service specializes in working on palm trees for our neighborhood.


​Why Choose ​​Reno Tree Services

Certified Arborists

Certified arborists are more knowledgeable about tree care and health that a typical landscape contractor, which also involves specific regulations about tree care. It takes years of learning and training to properly diagnose a tree's condition and create a solution. Make sure that the tree care company you work with has a certified arborist to ensure that your tree stays healthy.

​Locally Owned ​& Operated In ​Reno

We have been serving the ​Reno area for over 15 years. We value and respect our beautiful community and all of the friends and neighbors we've served and will continue serving.

​Fully-Equipped & Trained Tree Service Company

​SLO Tree Service has all the tools needed to get the project done safely and professionally. We meticulously maintain all working equipment and safety equipment for our crew and your home. All crew members are also required to always have safety equipment on and regular safety operation training on all equipment.

​We Have A Flexible Tree Service Schedule

​Don't worry about setting your schedule for us. We set our schedule to match your availability. We provide 24/7 services and will gladly work around your day to provide your tree care needs.

​Arborist In ​Reno, NV And Surrounding Areas

​We are proud to offer our expert tree care services to the ​Reno and surrounding areas and our arborists are experienced and professional. ​Our over 10 years of experience to give our customers precise, and detail-oriented tree care services. Regardless of how big your property, we help ensure that your trees are beautiful and well-maintained. We also take the necessary steps to keep insects and disease from your trees.

​Our commitment to serving the local community extends to our use of alternative fertilizers on your property instead of using harsh chemicals. Our staff is driven to extending an excellent services to you and your family, we are friendly and knowledgeable. Some of our services are listed above.

When you are in need of a skilled arborist or tree care expert in the ​Reno area ​Reno Tree Services is at your service.​

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​Sally R.

​James and his crew came over to our home when we needed a tree trimmed to avoid a dispute with our neighbor. Some of the branches were overhanging into their yard. SLO Tree Service was very professional and made sure the everything went smoothly! Highly recommend!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • ​Do tree service specialists have permits? Yes, we are certified arborists and are a licensed tree care contractor.
  • ​How do I know if my tree needs help? There are several signs to look for like brown leaves, wilting leaves, visible pests and cavities are a few. Call us for a free assessment.
  • ​Is it important to prune a tree? It varies on the tree species but typically pruning around early spring is the best time to prune trees and bushes.
  •  Can you give an estimate over the phone? We can give a rough estimate but for the most accurate estimate it's best to schedule a free assessment.

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