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Tree Removal Service

Reno Tree Services is a professional tree removal company and we understand that removing a tree can be dangerous work. If the tree is close to your home, your neighbor's home, power lines, or utility lines it will be important to take care of removing the tree immediately. Fallen branch removal and fallen tree limb removal can cause a lot of damage if left unchecked. Uprooted trees need to be removed and the entire thing may cause damage to property. Removing tree limbs and damaged trees will help you feel safer and at ease without the looming danger of falling hazards near your home. Tree root removal is also important because the can damage your plumbing and allow roots to go into the lines. Deadwood removal and damaged trees can really be an eyesore and our team at Reno Tree Services is a professional large tree removal company that can help you take care of your trees.

Emergency Tree Removal Service

Emergency tree services are often needed when a tree is severely damaged and is in danger of doing massive damage. Emergency tree removal can happen after extremely windy days and can even happen when a tree becomes too heavy after being covered in snow. These hazards need to be taken care of immediately and if you're looking for emergency tree removal don't hesitate to contact Reno Tree Services.

Tree Cutting Service

Cutting down trees is tricky and dangerous depending on howmuch of the tree needs to be cut down and where the tree is located. Space is always a big consideration when tree felling. Find a reputable tree feller for your peace of mind. Avoiding injury and damage to property from falling branches requires experience. Cutting limbs from a tree can be easy if there is enough space. If you're looking at cutting down an entire tree for safety or to do some landscaping, finding a good team to work with is important. Tree cutting company Reno Tree Services has the best team in the area.

Tree Trimming Service

Overgrown trees can become a hazard to properties around the tree such as your home, your neighbor, power lines, and utility lines. If your tree is close to any infrastructure then it's your responsibility as the home owner to take care of it. Tree trimming company is also useful if a branch has been damaged and can't be supported any longer. Trimming smaller limbs can lighten a branch and allow you to avoid taking down big branches. Tree trimming is also important in maintaining the look of residential and commercial properties. Reno Tree Services has the best tree trimming team whether you want lighter tree thinning, or tree topping.

Tree Pruning

Some trees can develop diseased branches and it will turn into dead branches that will prevent good growth for the tree. Tree pruning needs to be applied at the right time in the right places so that the limbs and branches can grow and flourish. Pruning can revitalize trees and allow them to come back and is important for tree shaping. Our certified arborists understand how much pruning a tree needs and knows how to avoid cutting too much and removing healthy branches. Sometimes it is also useful to thin the inner branches of a tree to promote airflow and sunlight to prevent fungus from growing. Reno Tree Services can help you with your tree pruning needs!

Stump Grinding And Stump Removal

Stumps are unsightly and are very difficult to remove. Stump grinding allows you to remove a stump without having to dig out all of the roots. If a stump isn't properly taken care of then there' also risk of the tree growing back. If the stump is in the middle of your lawn, doing yard maintenance can become difficult with a big bulky stump in the way. Tree stumps can also attract pests and fungus as it becomes a place for protection. Reno Tree Services can help you with stump removal and stump grinding when you're ready to get rid of that tree stump.

Certified Arborist Service

Arborists are also known as tree doctors or even tree surgeons because they are experts in trees. Local arborists also have unique knowledge or local plant life and local weather to understand just exactly that your tree needs. Reno Tree Services has expert arborists on the team for great advice.

Why Choose Reno Tree Services

Certified Arborists

Having a certified arborists on the team allows Reno Tree Services to have great knowledge that most landscape contractors don't have such as specific regulations on tree care. Our arborists has years of training and experience in diagnosing trees and prescribing a solution.

Locally Owned & Operated In Reno

We have been serving the Reno area for over 15 years. We value and respect our beautiful community and all of the friends and neighbors we've served and will continue serving.

Fully-Equipped & Trained Tree Service Company

Reno Tree Services has specialized tools and training to manage any tree service needs. We constantly train our staff and maintain our equipment so that they work perfectly and keep everyone safe.

We Have A Flexible Tree Service Schedule

Don't worry about setting your schedule for us. We set our schedule to match your availability. We provide 24/7 services and will gladly work around your day to provide your tree care needs.

Arborist In Reno, NV And Surrounding Areas

We are proud to offer our expert tree care services to the Reno and surrounding areas and our arborists are experienced and professional. Our over 10 years of experience to give our customers precise, and detail-oriented tree care services. Regardless of how big your property, we help ensure that your trees are beautiful and well-maintained. We also take the necessary steps to keep insects and disease from your trees.

Our commitment to serving the local community extends to our use of alternative fertilizers on your property instead of using harsh chemicals. Our staff is driven to extending an excellent services to you and your family, we are friendly and knowledgeable. Some of our services are listed above.

When you are in need of a skilled arborist or tree care expert in the Reno area Reno Tree Services is at your service.

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Sally R.

James and his crew came over to our home when we needed a tree trimmed to avoid a dispute with our neighbor. Some of the branches were overhanging into their yard. SLO Tree Service was very professional and made sure the everything went smoothly! Highly recommend!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do tree service specialists have permits? Yes, we are certified arborists and are a licensed tree care contractor.
  • How do I know if my tree needs help? There are several signs to look for like brown leaves, wilting leaves, visible pests and cavities are a few. Call us for a free assessment.
  • Is it important to prune a tree? It varies on the tree species but typically pruning around early spring is the best time to prune trees and bushes.
  •  Can you give an estimate over the phone? We can give a rough estimate but for the most accurate estimate it's best to schedule a free assessment.

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We offer the best tree care service in the area. We never settle for second best and we aim to deliver only the best service to our clients and your satisfaction is our top priority. It's what we do and are proud to do so.

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